Many thousands of years ago, since the days of our forefathers chinese believe in date selection.  Emperors and Warlords used Date Selection for court decisions, for selection of  Empresses and concubines. Warlords used Date Selection for warfares.  The commoners then  used it for celebration, festivals  and for their daily life . The farmers  used Date Selection  for their harvest, and the peasants used Date Selection for their land .

Date Selection is the metaphysical science that allows the Chinese practitioners to calculate a date, on which the Qi  present on that day will best support a particular activity.

So what influence the  Qi ?   –  What is Q. It is the energies that exert around us. It is also the movement of  the  earth ‘s orbit around the Sun,  and the movement  of the Moon and the  Stars and the  Planets within the universe,  and the interaction between these forces  generate gravitational energies upon one another influencing the flow of Qi .

Thousands of years ago, our chinese forefathers observed  the stars in the skies and studied these stars and  forces and  how they interact between one another to influence us human being on earth, and through long  study through time ,  the Chinese date selection was invented.

There is also each individual ‘s auspicious day according to your date of birth so that a certain day is suitable for each individual to select the appropriate stars  that  work for you  only on that day.

There are good Qi and bad Qi, and if we choose a day that has bad Qi, we may end up missing an opportunity , or failing in  an activity as you cannot tap in the Qi present on that day. Not all days are created equal, certain days receive good Qi and certain days receive bad Qi. Some Qi are good for money making and some for relationship building and some Qi are just bad for everything.

Have you heard of the Green Dragon and White Tiger? These are not animals but actually Stars in the skies.  As the earth revolves, the outside of the orbit rings has certain configuration called the 28 constellation – 7 stars  in the West ( forms  White Tiger)  7 stars  in the East ( forms the Green Dragon) ,  7 stars  in the North ( forms the Black Tortoise)  and 7 stars in the South (forms the Red Phoenix). Thus the orbit of the Earth around the Sun , each sector is an  animal sign ( 12 animal signs)  and these together with the 28 constellation write the Tong Shu.

In modern times, it is very important to use Date Selection in many areas such as business ventures, for traveling, child birth , medical treatment, marriage , for construction of houses , starting a new job  etc . It is a fact that 100% of the business community in Hong Kong utilizes date selection for their business dealings.

Choosing an auspicious date and time makes a lot of difference in determining a successful and smooth path in many aspects of an individual’s or an organization’s dealings, rather than to leave it to fate.

Hence things do not happen in a random manner,  it is so important to be at the right place at the right time.