10 Important Things You Should Know Before Your Bikini Wax

Now that summer has made its appearance, all you all want to do is spend hours lounging by the beach, sipping a mimosa and soaking in the sun. But before you decide to flaunt that body in a bikini or a swimsuit, you need to get your lady parts primped. Here are some points you need to remember before you get that bikini wax.

1. Numbing creams just don’t work

There are a lot of creams that promise numbing of your nether regions, so that it doesn’t hurt as much, but they are a waste of money and just don’t work. A pain reliever a few minutes before the wax, however, might just help.

2. Don’t wax five days before or after your period

Your skin and your lady parts are more sensitive five days before and after your period, so try to avoid getting a bikini wax during this period.

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3. Exfoliate the morning of the wax

Use an organic scrub to exfoliate the region before you opt for the wax. This will help remove the dead skin and prevent in-growths.

4. Work out before the wax

If you workout daily or go for a run, then do it before you get your wax done. Otherwise, when you sweat in that area, there will no hair to absorb it and it may cause irritation.

5. Wax three days before swimsuit day

Redness is bound to occur after your bikini wax. So make sure that you get the wax done at least three days before you are planning to don that sexy swimsuit or bikini to ensure the redness has disappeared.

6. Know what you want

There are different types of waxes for your lady bits and you need to make sure what it is you actually want. A Brazilian means the whole area is cleaned, whereas a basic bikini or a clean up leaves behind a landing strip. There are different kinds of wax which are used to clean the down under, like the soft wax for thinner hair and the hard wax for thicker hair. So decide which one you want.

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7. Condition

Use your hair conditioner for the hair on your lady bits too. It will make the hair softer, and thus, easier to remove. Besides, softer hair won’t leave behind in-growths either.

8. Waxing after-care

Make sure you wipe your parts after the wax thoroughly. Also many women suffer from redness after the wax, so apply a zinc-based diaper cream.

9. Timing is very important

Depending on your growth, you can decide when to get waxed, but it is highly recommended that you wax your lady bits after about three to four weeks. The skin down there is very sensitive and requires time to recover.

10. Speak up

No matter how good the aesthetician is, she is not a mind reader. Make sure you tell her if you have a problem. If the wax is too hot or the pain is too much, just don’t lie there, speak up.