Awakening You (VIDEO)

We live in a world where we contemplate our own existence in the universe asking ourselves questions, why are we here? What is our purpose? Who are we in the grand scheme of things. The best knowledge this website can give you is included in this video. We are everything, and we are nothing and when we release the illusion we release the wave of quantum reality. We need to understand that we are everything in existence and that we are connected to everything. We are all one. From an acorn to a a human to a galaxy all is made up of the same.

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We have a metaphysical existence that is always present, and it is what you would call your higher self. It is always with you. It is your etheric energy body and it glows brightly like a star. When you can see and understand that you are a star, and nothing but you can then find the spark within your being once more and become a flame.

We are the awakening. The time has come for answers to all of the questions about life. Who are we? What is the purpose of life? What is consciousness?

Awakening You

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