Chinese Face Map Reveals What Your Body Fights With!

Our body and organs can send us important signals about health and overall health condition. The skin is the human’s biggest organ and it can reveal a lot of important information about what your body fights with. We all know that Chinese people are great minds when it comes to medicine. The Chinese face map reveals what your body fights with. This is 100% true, believe it or not.

According to them, each part of the face represents certain organs of our body and can tell us a lot about its condition. The signs are simple: pimples, rash and change of skin color.

Forehead: Bladder and small intestine

Cause – this happens due to lots of fats and processed foods because it causes slow digestion. Too much alcohol can cause the same as well as too much sugar, staying up late and a lot of stress.
Cure – Start eating more raw food, drink a lot of water, avoid alcohol and try to get some good sleep.

Between the eyebrows: Liver

Cause – You give a lot of work to your stomach. It keeps working continuously and it doesn’t rest as it should be resting. This happens due to lots of meat consumption’s and you might be allergic to some ingredients.
Cure – In this case, doctors recommend eating more healthy and fresh food, fresh air, exercises, yoga, fast walks and meditation.

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Eyebrow arch: Kidneys Cause

This can be caused by too much smoking, alcohol, therefore bad blood circulation and weak heart. Cure – Drink a lot of water, stop consuming caffeine as well as sweetened drinks and alcohol. Dehydration might be another reason for this.

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Nose: Heart

Cause – Polluted air, closed rooms, gasses, swollen stomach, and bad circulation. As you may know, high blood pressure can be a reason for many diseases as well as this one.
Cure – Regularly check your blood pressure and your cholesterol levels. Drink organic green tea because it will help you get rid of the toxins in your body. Exercise because it is recommended in situations like this.

Upper part of the cheeks: Lungs

Cause – Asthma, pollution, smoking. Another indicator might be the dark circles around your eyes.
Cure – Stay away from polluted areas, refresh your air in the rooms you stay, stop smoking if you are a smoker and start doing more physical activities.

Cheeks: Lungs and kidneys

Cause – A lot of stress, smoking, eating junk food and consuming a lot of sugar.
Cure – Stop eating bad food and start with a healthy diet. You should also consider start using quality cosmetic products.

Mouth and chin: Stomach

Cause – Food that contains a lot of fat, sugar, and stimulants like caffeine and alcohol might upset your stomach a lot. Another reason for it might be the increased usage of season food, staying up late and stress can cause a significant imbalance.
Cure – Establish the right balance by consuming healthy food and stay away from the bad, processed foods. Eat lots of fruit and in case these problems continue to bother you, visit a doctor.

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Jaw and neck: Hormones

Cause – You put too much salt on your food, a lot of other spices and you do not consume the recommended quantity of water. You might be consuming too much caffeine.
Cure – Stop putting too much salt on your food, spices and cut down the caffeine, and start drinking more water.