Gardens are grown for all kinds of reasons: some grow a garden for food and herbs, some grow plants for natural home remedies and others use their gardens for purely decorative purposes. Gardens are everywhere, from neighborhoods to offices, restaurants and your own backyard. Gardening has even evolved into growing plants in mineral nutrient solutions instead of soil, also known as hydroponics.

Whether you have the traditional outdoor garden or a small indoor planter, there are amazing health benefits linked to tending your garden. Pull out those gardening gloves and check out these six amazing benefits:

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Frazzled? Reduce stress by actively tending to your garden for at least 30 minutes. Stepping outside and soaking up the sun is as good for your health as it is for your growing garden. Taking your mind off your to-do list and sinking your hands into the soil can instantly take your stress level down a few notches.


A recent study found that participants with symptoms of depression experienced a measurable improvement in their state of mind after gardening, and remained in a better mood three months after the program ended. Watching your garden grow from seedlings to fruit-bearing plants can help to improve your satisfaction with life.


Getting your fruits and vegetables – and even weeds – from your garden is one way to get some of the freshest food available. Not only are you getting food straight from the source, but you can also be aware of any pesticides or herbicides used in and around the garden. And those who garden tend to eat their fair share of superfoods: it’s been documented that those who garden eat more fruits and vegetables than those who don’t.

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Not only are you getting great nutrition from your fruits and vegetables, but you can also lose weight by regularly tending to your garden. Walking out in the fresh air, squatting, using garden tools and lifting bags of dirt can easily help you reduce your waistline.


Those who are unable to sleep tend to have a lot on their mind. A study found that people with dementia and anxiety benefited from gardening, which helped to calm their agitation. This peace of mind leads to better sleep patterns and improved quality of rest.


Gardens can bring you more than produce to eat or pretty flowers to gaze upon. They can also provide herbs for DIY homemade remedies and recipes. Gardeners greatly benefit from only needing to walk a few steps to pick the freshest herbs for tea, healing salve, toothpaste and more!