Psychic Attack – What Is It and How To Deflect It

It is quite possible that you may have been the victim of a psychic attack and were completely unaware that you were feeling the effects of that psychic attack.  A psychic attack is when an individual sends to manipulate intentionally or unconsciously to a person, place or thing for personal gain causing distress, pain and or havoc in the intended receiver’s life. Sometimes we know exactly where the attack is coming from and sometimes we are unable to pinpoint the source.

Psychic attacks can be sent out in different forms such as: negative thought forms, gossiping, black magic (spells), verbal abuse and trying to control others through emotional manipulation.

Signs of Psychic Attack

  • Headaches
  • Exhaustion
  • Nightmares
  • Experiencing the feeling being watched
  • Stabbing pain in the back
  • Feeling like you are in a fog
  • Quick sudden bursts of nausea
  • Depression or feeling overwhelmed

Ways To Deflect The Energy From A Psychic Attack

  • Wear gemstone jewelry that brings in light and deflects negativity such as: tiger’s eye, hematite, selenite, black obsidian and black onyx.
  • Take care of your physical health by getting plenty of rest, drinking lots of water and eating healthy foods.
  • Bathing and or washing your hands with sea salt or epson salt will clean and clear your auric field.
  • Set and keep healthy boundaries with others. Toxic situations and relationships can drain and overwhelm us.
  • Keep yourself grounded by spending time out in nature, schedule energy healing sessions (Reiki, cranio sacral therapy), eat plenty of rooted vegetables, and balance your chakra centers often.
  • Cut those unhealthy emotional cords with the following visualization;  See the bungee-like cords of energy extending from your solar plexus in front of you. Either visualize or physically take out a pair of scissors and cut those cords. Request that spirit help you release the cords that are keeping you connected to energy draining situations and relationships.
  • Be present and alert when interacting with others. Is your intuition telling you that something is off with someone? Listen and pay attention to your gut feelings.

Psychic attacks can easily be deflected by being aware of what the signs are and using some of the tips I suggested. No one can overpower us or take control of our lives without our consent. Self care and being aware of our own energy are the best defenses for keeping unwanted influences at bay.

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Source: Conscious Life News